ESA uses state of the art
TSCM detection technology.
Many firms are still using
detection equipment designed
in the 60's. "You can't catch a
Lamborghini with a Model-T"


To counter the ever changing
threat from new surveillance
technology, we undergo four
weeks of advanced training each
year. This investment is costly, but necessary to provide the level of
service you deserve.


We take the time to evaluate the
threat level, and offer the most
realistic and practical solutions.
As a result of this philosophy, a
growing number of government
and corporate entities are turning
to ESA.

What we do

Providing TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter-Measure) sweeps for Corporate, Government and Private Sectors since 1984. TSCM is the technical name for what is commonly called "de-bugging". This process consists of a threat analysis, physical search, extensive electronic analysis of the premises, summary of findings and recommendations. Offering professional sweeps for over twenty five years. COMSEC Certified State of the Art Equipment There is a reason why the Federal Government, Political Leaders, CEOs and Celebrities call upon ESA.

Featured Equipment

  • Digital Telephone Analyzer The Talan Digtal Telephone Analyzer is essential in detecting attacks on telephone instruments and communication lines. Less than 5% of Private TSCM sweeps teams use this new technology. ESA has joined the ranks of national intelligence agencies using the Talan to detect eavesdropping threats.


The vast majority of vendors offering “bug sweeps” have no formal training by any accredited school or institution. Many cite military, police or government backgrounds, which have no bona fides in the TSCM field. Despite some very impressive web sites, many vendors are using outdated technology and amateur gadgets to perform their sweeps. You MUST vet your service provider to insure qualifications.